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"One of the Best Online Vintage Stores"

Vogue October 2021


 Monica Vitti 


Menage Modern Vintage  is a selection of collectable vintage and contemporary pre-owned clothes, shoes and accessories, available online and by appointment at our new studio in Central London.

Its founder, Chiara Menage, is an inveterate rummager, sifter, and hoarder of clothes who worked in the film business for many years.  When she felt it was time to let some of her treasured pieces go, she wanted to find good homes for them.  As she embarked on the idea of a website she discovered that everyone has precious items in their wardrobes and that many other people felt the same about passing them on.  

Since launching in 2018, Menage Modern Vintage has featured in the New York Times, Vogue Magazine, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail.  We have supplied fashion editorials and film productions including Netflix's The Crown, and the 2023 blockbuster Barbie movie.  See our Press page for more details. 


Wear what you love                          

The clothes on offer at Menage Modern Vintage are hand-picked on the basis of being  stylish, beautiful quality, in many cases unique.  One of the great pleasures in buying a second-hand garment is you can afford the highest quality, that would otherwise be out of reach for most of us; it can be worn and enjoyed rather than wrapped in mothballs and saved for a special occasion.


Love what you wear

These clothes are made to be cherished.  They can be worn again and again without losing their originality or lustre.  In a world where high street fashion has become homogenous and disposable, these beautiful, original, sustainable garments were built to last, and we feel fervently that they should be passed on to others who will wear them with pride and love.    They are of their time and timeless.  


Love the planet

An estimated 80 billion new garments are produced globally every year, of which around 30% are thrown away after at most a couple of wears.  This level of production wastes precious natural resources and energy; relies on the exploitation of workers; contaminates rivers and oceans and causes horrendous amounts of landfill.  Choosing to wear second hand clothing is becoming an urgent environmental imperative.


We only sell from trusted contacts which means all our stock is 100% genuine.

You can browse our Vintage or Modern sections, or view the collections separately by category.  We upload our latest finds to the website regularly.   Sign up to our mailing list for new arrivals and special events (limited to four mailouts per year), or follow us on Instagram  and help us spread the word.



Chiara Menage of Menage Modern Vintage